The FITSP-Manager certification is designed for federal workforce personnel, including both federal employees and contractors, who are responsible for managing and overseeing systems used by or for the U.S. federal government. This role involves high-level, cost-effective, risk-based IT security audit and oversight functions, ensuring program value in the face of evolving threats and risks.

Key Points:

  • FITSP-Manager certification is aimed at those primarily involved in managing federal government systems.
  • This role focuses on high-level, cost-effective, risk-based IT security oversight to ensure program value within changing risk and threat landscapes.
  • Candidates typically include CISOs, CIOs, system owners, program managers, and other oversight positions in IT security.
  • Candidates must pass an exam based on the Federal Body of Knowledge (FBK), which encompasses federal statutes, regulations, standards, and guidelines, divided into six domains and 18 IT security topic areas.
  • The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions and lasts for three hours, testing the knowledge and skills required for federal managers.
  • A minimum of five years of general information systems security experience is necessary, whether inside or outside the federal government.
  • Various federal roles, such as Authorizing Official, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, and others, are associated with the FITSP-Manager certification.
  • Resources, including handbooks and training materials, are available to support FITSP-Manager certification candidates.
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 by John S
FITSP-M-NG - new and easy but not very valuable (2018)

Difficulty: 1 out of 5.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to take the FITSP-Manager exam as a Beta exam, facilitated by my acquaintance who was the creator of the course material. Without any prior dedicated study, I attempted the Beta exam and successfully passed. The FITSP certification appears to be designed with a strong alignment to the specific requirements within the Federal and potentially Department of Defense (DoD) work environments, setting it apart from many other certifications. Currently holding the 'FITSP-M-NG' certification, I find that its overall value in today's professional landscape is relatively limited, although its significance may evolve in the future.

The exam primarily emphasizes high-level, cost-effective, and risk-based IT security audit functions, making it particularly relevant for roles like an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) or Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) within the Federal context.