About us

After 10 years of running this website, I decided to add user-submitted reviews for industry certifications.

This website is devoted to hosting user reviews for certifications. In the cybersecurity 501c3 organization I work with, we’re asked about IT certifications and courses every day. I hope to provide a one-stop-shop resource for users to learn about training options in IT and cybersecurity.

Our Story Starts in early 2014

Originally, I built wirebiters.com to provide a way to share engineering notes with fellow college students. I found I enjoyed writing and have spent many years both transcribing notes from multiple degree programs and generating original content from (what I hope is at least a little) novel research. I enjoyed it so much that I’ve written over 200 articles since starting and have branched out into providing certification reviews for the InfoSec and IT communities.

Our Mission and Core Values

We provide free content that’s hopefully high quality.

This site is funded exclusively through ads. Sorry. I try to keep them from being intrusive.

Wirebiters.com also uses Amazon affiliate links.