The eJPT Certification, or Junior Penetration Tester certification offered by INE Security, is a pre-entry-level penetration testing certification designed to assess and validate the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals interested in a junior penetration testing role. The certification exam covers various areas, including Assessment Methodologies, Host and Network Auditing, Host and Network Penetration Testing, and Web Application Penetration Testing. It serves as a foundational certification for those with little to no experience in cybersecurity, simulating real-world engagement skills, and demonstrating the candidate’s readiness to join a penetration testing team in the future.

The exam objectives include tasks such as identifying network endpoints, open ports, and vulnerabilities, extracting information from various sources, conducting exploitation with tools like Metasploit, performing web application reconnaissance, and more.

The eJPT certification is suitable for a range of professionals, including Systems Administrators, IT Project Managers, Information Security Officers, Security Engineers/Analysts, DevOps/Software Developers, Managed Service Providers, and Managed Security Service Providers.

To prepare for the eJPT exam, INE offers a Penetration Testing Student Learning Path in their Fundamentals subscription, designed for individuals with a basic understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals. This learning path includes expert-led courses and practical lab exercises. The eJPT Certification Exam Voucher is available for purchase with an INE Fundamentals Subscription. It is recommended that candidates complete the eJPT Learning Path before attempting the certification exam.

While eJPT does provide excellent fundamentals, it should generally be considered a stepping stone to prepare for entry-level penetration testing certifications. Many penetration testers admit that eJPT is extremely basic in terms of the requirements and is not sufficient by itself.

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INE eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) (2023)

Difficulty: 2 out of 5.

An excellent introduction to learning the attacker mindset and tools. The amount of value that comes from this course is high. The exam is fully practical, so this certification proves to others that you have the skills and abilities to back up your knowledge. The target audience is early career InfoSec professionals and Cyber Defense professionals with no exposure to the offensive side.

- Practical application of materials throughout training
- No written exam, all practical
- Bundle includes access to 3 months of access to Fundamental-level training

- Redundant lecture material, could cut about 2-3 hours of content
- Not widely recognized by the industry yet
- Live training environments could use some variety